TES Performance is an auto mechanics company that specializes in quality, professional as well as cost friendly custom bikes and custom motors. Our ideal client is any vehicle or bike owner who wants to add some personality to their ride and do so professionally and safely without affecting the quality and performance of their ride.

We live in a world where people desire uniqueness and also desire to affordably access custom facilities for their cars and bikes. Unfortunately, because manufacturers produce for the mass market, they focus on features for the masses and not for individuals who have unique tastes. This is understandable because of the economies of scale. Well, this is where we come in as TES Performance.

When you bring your bike or car to us, we first inspect it to get a proper feel of where it’s at mechanically and functionally. Once this is done, we sit down with you and have an in depth talk on what your vision for your ride is and what the possibilities can be. Once we are on the same page, we’ll create a digital representation of how your concept will look. If you like what you see, we embark on the task of making your vision a reality and within a few short weeks, depending on availability of parts, your custom ride will be ready for a road test.