At TES Performance we understand that because of economies of scale, most manufacturers will not put much attention to custom designs therefore for those who understand that we are living in a world where people desire uniqueness and also desire to affordably access custom facilities for their cars and bikes, they may have to spend a little bit extra to get their desires. This is what influences the type of services that we offer.

Our team at TES Performance specializes is doing customizations on bikes and other vehicles but we are also specialists in other general auto repair work. Essentially, we are a full service custom and auto repair garage that specializes in:

  • Providing full custom build service for bikes and vehicles
  • We do full restorations on any bike or vehicle models
  • Providing full machining services for bikes and vehicles
  • We provide specialized welding services for various metals such as Titanium, Alloys, Magnesium, and Stainless, among others.
  • We also make specialized modifications on bikes or cars that are meant to take part in auto events such rallies, drag and other road races, hill climbing and mud runs among others.
  • We can also do highly specialized replacements and modifications otherwise referred to as conversion work which involves swapping engines, swing arms, wheels, forks, bodywork and other fittings, rear sub-frames and exhaust alterations.
  • We also provide paint and polishing services, and car buffing services.

By the time you are driving off from our auto garage, your ride will be better than new.