Depending on whether you have bought a new or a used car, what usually influences the type of modifications you introduce on the car will depend on the features you prefer your car to have. Some modifications can purely be for aesthetic purposes whereas others will have a lot of utility value.

Through this article, we want to give you a couple of ideas on modifications that you can make on your car which will not only improve functionality but also increase its value.

Here are 5 awesome modifications for your car.

1 You can install a state of the art navigation system

If you have bought a car that you intend on using for a lot of driving in the outback or to take road trips with, depending on the model, year of manufacture, as well as whether it is a new or used car, it may either not come with a functional navigation system or may not have one altogether. It’s therefore a really good investment if you can install a state of the art navigation system. This will come very much in handy when you are driving to places you are not familiar with.

2 You can install secret compartments

There may come a time when you may need to store something for safekeeping away from the eyes of others. This is especially true if you usually share your car with your spouse or you carry your kids a lot in it. You don’t want them stumbling on your private stash, whatever it may be. It’s therefore a good idea to identify a nice spot in the car where a secret compartment can be installed.

3 You can install a state of the art multimedia system

When you purchase an old model whether it’s brand new or used, there’s a very high probability that it will only come with a radio as its main entertainment system and no other multimedia options. It’s therefore a good idea to install a state of the art multimedia system that will enable you link your various devices such as phone, tablet, i-pod, and so on, therefore not only increasing your entertainment options but also safety options as you will be able to operate them hands free.

4 You can install a portable refrigerator

No one truly appreciates the value of a cold drink until they take a long cross country drive during the summer. The best thing you can ever find along the road is a gas station with a convenience store that has a functioning fridge. Well, what if you had your own refrigerator in the car? Wouldn’t that be amazing? With this installed, anytime you want a cold energy drink or water, it will be readily available.

5 A state of the art security system

The reality about security systems is that car alarms are totally overrated because an alarm may not be much of a deterrent to a car thief as they can easily bypass it. To step up your security game, you can install a security system that enables you to remotely monitor and control various operations such as tracking your car, locking your car, killing the engine, and so on. This is a very effective way to protect your car.

These are just a few choices when it comes to custom motors as your choices can often be unlimited. Be sure to visit a legit specialist for any modification project you intend to do on your car.