As we established in our previous post, custom bikes do have their own tremendous benefits. Just as a recap, we established that customization can be a really good way to invest, it’s an opportunity to be unique, it allows you to personalize your bike with features you want and most importantly, it enables you express your personality through your bike.

Well, these are indeed really great benefits however, before you embark on this task of customization, there are a couple of important things that you first need to be aware of. Therefore, in this article we are going to share with you 3 important things you must know before customizing your bike.

1 Customization doesn’t necessarily increase the value of your bike

As we have established, customization will often be done based on your own preferences and therefore the modifications that you do on your bike will either be functional or aesthetic. The reality is that aesthetic modifications are not likely to add much in terms of value and in the same breath, functional modifications will only add value if there is someone else out there who appreciates the value of the customization you have done.

Remember, this customization is based on your preference and therefore someone else may not assign the same value to your modifications as you have. This is therefore something you should be aware of especially when thinking about a potential resale.

2 Reselling a customized bike may not be a bed of roses

Whenever you embark on any customization project, you must always keep in mind that you may never be able to resell your bike. As we have mentioned above, you are customizing your bike to suit your individual preferences and this therefore means that when it comes to reselling time, it may pose a bit of a challenge getting a buyer who has similar preferences as you.

It’s therefore a good idea for you not to modify your bike too much if you intend on putting it back on the market in few short months. If you have to make modifications, do so considering what riders within your circles appreciate and will be willing to pay for.

3 Not all inputs will be valued

Customization is not an easy task and in most cases you will need to hire outside help to assist you on the project. Whereas, it’s very easy to value the parts you replace, as well as other things like the quality paint job, it may not be easy to value the labor costs. This essentially means that if you intend on reselling your bike, your cost on labor is not likely to be factored in because it will be too difficult to find an accurate value.

With this information in mind, it’s therefore a good idea for you to fully weigh your options as well as be clear in your mind on your long term plans as far as your bike is concerned. If selling it is not in the cards then you are likely to have more freedom when it comes to customization however if you intend to resell it, you need to keenly factor in the above.