If you are passionate about biking and are thinking about whether to buy a new, used or modified bike, there are a number of considerations that you should make before making your purchasing decision. This is because whichever decision you take is likely to have its own outcomes whether positive or negative.

Since we are currently focusing on custom bikes, we are going to share with you 4 important considerations you must make before purchasing a customized bike.

1 You must ensure that the modifications suit your riding style

Different riders definitely have different styles and preferences when it comes to their riding escapades. Some may enjoy a nice slow and long distance ride on the open road whereas others may enjoy the thrill of the speed with fast and short distance rides. It’s therefore a good idea to first find out whether the modifications that were done on the bike suit your riding style before you go ahead and purchase it.

2 You must ensure that its performance hasn’t been affected

A proper test ride before purchasing a modified bike is a minimum precaution you must take to ensure that the bike’s performance has not been affected by the modifications that were done on it. The reality about modifications is that not all are good especially if the work was done by someone who wasn’t an expert, they may end up making the bike worse. This may be probably why the owner wants to sell it in the first place.

3 You must get your math right

Before purchasing a bike, you should have an ideal amount that you want to spend on it. Generally, if you are buying custom, you should have done the math and ensured that the price you are getting the bike at is much lower than if you decided to do the custom work on your own. However, if you do the math and realize that it’s much cheaper to do your own custom work on another bike then you better not buy it.

4 Learn as much as possible about custom bikes

It would be a very dumb idea if you decided to buy a custom bike that you know absolutely nothing about. Before purchasing a custom bike, it’s a good idea to learn as much as possible about custom bikes so that you are better placed to ascertain the value of what you are buying. Just because a bike looks sleek, doesn’t mean it’s a good bike. What’s under the hood as well as the workmanship matters plenty.

Generally speaking, if you are new to riding, it will be a really good idea to first consult an expert before purchasing a custom bike or have one help you in the selection so that you can get a good bike that offers you the intended quality of service.

All in all, getting an already modified bike can be a really good cost saving measure on your part provided you get a really good bike that went through good quality workmanship.