One of the most common modifications as far as custom motors are concerned is usually the paint color. Nothing screams customized like rolling in with a paint job that is not typical for vehicle makes such as the one you are driving.

It’s however good to appreciate that paint color is not just about the color of the paint but also the quality of the paint as well as the workmanship of the painter. These two things go side by side and they will therefore greatly enhance the look of your car provided that quality was top of your agenda.

In this article, we are going to give you some free advice on paint colors for your car like you can find it when you hire a luxury vehicle from the Apex Luxury Car Hire of Marbella headquarters. Therefore, below are 4 tips for choosing the perfect paint color for your custom car. Pay close attention!

Tip 1: Some colors last longer than others

Before you embark on the task of painting your car, it will serve you well to know that some colors have proven to last longer than others as far as vehicle paint is concerned. For instance, colors that are metallic in nature will last longer than other colors.  One of the biggest benefits of having a paint job that will last is that it will definitely help in increasing the value of your car. Any quality addition that goes to your car means an increase in overall value of the car.

Tip 2: Colors will often depict sexuality

Before you decide on a paint job for your car, however much you like a particular color, you must always be cognizant that colors will depict sexuality. Therefore, there are colors that are masculine and there are those that are feminine. In a world where people judge and stereotype a lot, if that kind of thing affects you then you better play it safe by going with a neutral color, however if you enjoy being liberal and don’t give much attention to negative talk then you can go with whichever color you desire.

Tip 3: Colors will often be affected by the environment

Before you decide on the color for your custom motor you must appreciate the environment where you will be doing most of your driving. Whereas cool temperatures don’t have much of an impact on the vehicle’s color, the same can’t be said of hot temperatures. If you are therefore going to drive in hot environments, be sure to keep off dark colors as they tend to absorb too much heat and this is bound to increase your energy costs because of constantly using the air-con.

Tip 4: Some colors enhance safety more than others

When picking a color for your car, you must always remember that you will be engaging in both day and night driving therefore you want a paint that will not affect your car’s visibility, especially if you plan an L.A. vacation with a Porsche. It’s therefore a good idea to pick a paint color whose ability to be visible will not be affected by the sun’s reflection on it, darkness or even vehicle headlights bouncing back off it.

At the end of the day, a paint job for your car is meant to be what pleases you but because you will not be the only driver on the road, you must make a point of considering your entire driving environment before you settle on your ideal paint color.