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4 tips for choosing the perfect paint color for your custom car

One of the most common modifications as far as custom motors are concerned is usually the paint color. Nothing screams customized like rolling in with a paint job that is not typical for vehicle makes such as the one you are driving.

It’s however good to appreciate that paint color is not just about the color of the paint but also the quality of the paint as well as the workmanship of the painter. These two things go side by side and they will therefore greatly enhance the look of your car provided that quality was top of your agenda.

In this article, we are going to give you some free advice on paint colors for your car like you can find it when you hire a luxury vehicle from the Apex Luxury Car Hire of Marbella headquarters. Therefore, below are 4 tips for choosing the perfect paint color for your custom car. Pay close attention!

Tip 1: Some colors last longer than others

Before you embark on the task of painting your car, it will serve you well to know that some colors have proven to last longer than others as far as vehicle paint is concerned. For instance, colors that are metallic in nature will last longer than other colors.  One of the biggest benefits of having a paint job that will last is that it will definitely help in increasing the value of your car. Any quality addition that goes to your car means an increase in overall value of the car.

Tip 2: Colors will often depict sexuality

Before you decide on a paint job for your car, however much you like a particular color, you must always be cognizant that colors will depict sexuality. Therefore, there are colors that are masculine and there are those that are feminine. In a world where people judge and stereotype a lot, if that kind of thing affects you then you better play it safe by going with a neutral color, however if you enjoy being liberal and don’t give much attention to negative talk then you can go with whichever color you desire.

Tip 3: Colors will often be affected by the environment

Before you decide on the color for your custom motor you must appreciate the environment where you will be doing most of your driving. Whereas cool temperatures don’t have much of an impact on the vehicle’s color, the same can’t be said of hot temperatures. If you are therefore going to drive in hot environments, be sure to keep off dark colors as they tend to absorb too much heat and this is bound to increase your energy costs because of constantly using the air-con.

Tip 4: Some colors enhance safety more than others

When picking a color for your car, you must always remember that you will be engaging in both day and night driving therefore you want a paint that will not affect your car’s visibility, especially if you plan an L.A. vacation with a Porsche. It’s therefore a good idea to pick a paint color whose ability to be visible will not be affected by the sun’s reflection on it, darkness or even vehicle headlights bouncing back off it.

At the end of the day, a paint job for your car is meant to be what pleases you but because you will not be the only driver on the road, you must make a point of considering your entire driving environment before you settle on your ideal paint color.

Here are 5 awesome modifications for your car

Depending on whether you have bought a new or a used car, what usually influences the type of modifications you introduce on the car will depend on the features you prefer your car to have. Some modifications can purely be for aesthetic purposes whereas others will have a lot of utility value.

Through this article, we want to give you a couple of ideas on modifications that you can make on your car which will not only improve functionality but also increase its value.

Here are 5 awesome modifications for your car.

1 You can install a state of the art navigation system

If you have bought a car that you intend on using for a lot of driving in the outback or to take road trips with, depending on the model, year of manufacture, as well as whether it is a new or used car, it may either not come with a functional navigation system or may not have one altogether. It’s therefore a really good investment if you can install a state of the art navigation system. This will come very much in handy when you are driving to places you are not familiar with.

2 You can install secret compartments

There may come a time when you may need to store something for safekeeping away from the eyes of others. This is especially true if you usually share your car with your spouse or you carry your kids a lot in it. You don’t want them stumbling on your private stash, whatever it may be. It’s therefore a good idea to identify a nice spot in the car where a secret compartment can be installed.

3 You can install a state of the art multimedia system

When you purchase an old model whether it’s brand new or used, there’s a very high probability that it will only come with a radio as its main entertainment system and no other multimedia options. It’s therefore a good idea to install a state of the art multimedia system that will enable you link your various devices such as phone, tablet, i-pod, and so on, therefore not only increasing your entertainment options but also safety options as you will be able to operate them hands free.

4 You can install a portable refrigerator

No one truly appreciates the value of a cold drink until they take a long cross country drive during the summer. The best thing you can ever find along the road is a gas station with a convenience store that has a functioning fridge. Well, what if you had your own refrigerator in the car? Wouldn’t that be amazing? With this installed, anytime you want a cold energy drink or water, it will be readily available.

5 A state of the art security system

The reality about security systems is that car alarms are totally overrated because an alarm may not be much of a deterrent to a car thief as they can easily bypass it. To step up your security game, you can install a security system that enables you to remotely monitor and control various operations such as tracking your car, locking your car, killing the engine, and so on. This is a very effective way to protect your car.

These are just a few choices when it comes to custom motors as your choices can often be unlimited. Be sure to visit a legit specialist for any modification project you intend to do on your car.

4 things you must know before customizing your car

Just like custom bikes, custom motors have been around for a while and a preference of many car owners especially those who desire uniqueness or have preferences that vehicle manufacturers are not willing to fulfill. Having a custom car can be a very fulfilling experience though it may come with a number of caveats that you must be aware of before embarking on such a venture.

In this article we are going to highlight 4 things you must know before customizing your car.

1 Customizing your car may mean voiding your warranty

Whenever you purchase a new vehicle it will come with a warranty whereby if it is to develop any mechanical issues during the period it is under warranty, the manufacturer will cater for the repair costs or even replace the vehicle. However, if you go ahead and make modifications on the car without first verifying whether the warranty permits such modifications, then your warranty is likely to be voided meaning the manufacturer will not be liable if your vehicle develops any mechanical issues.

2 Certain modifications on your car may be illegal

There are a number of laws that govern modifications that can be made to vehicles therefore it’s a good idea for you to do your due diligence so that you are fully aware of the modifications permitted within your jurisdiction. Different countries usually have different regulations when it comes to modifications made on vehicles. This is a serious factor to consider lest you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

3 Some modifications may not be safe

Generally, when a vehicle is manufactured, before it is released to the market it has to pass a number of safety tests. Keeping this in mind, when you buy a vehicle and start making alterations to it such as making adjustments to ground clearance, braking systems, suspensions and so on, you end up interfering with the vehicle’s stability and performance. It’s therefore paramount that any modifications that are done are done under the supervision of an expert.

4 Some modifications may affect longevity of the car

Whenever modifications are being done on a car the work may involve readjusting the panels, drilling holes or even cutting out some parts and replacing them with other parts that are more malleable. This may end up affecting the longevity of the car because interfering with the paneling may create some weak points in the body and the new material introduced may not be as sturdy as the original panel of the car.

Bearing the above points in mind, it’s a really good idea for you to do your due diligence before embarking on any modification project on your car so that you don’t end up regretting the decision. However, one of the ways to avoid all this is by making modifications on used cars and not new cars.

All in all, just as a reiteration, any modification work you do on your car must be under the strict supervision of an expert so that they can ensure that after the work has been done, the mechanical integrity of the car will still be intact.

4 important considerations before purchasing a customized bike

If you are passionate about biking and are thinking about whether to buy a new, used or modified bike, there are a number of considerations that you should make before making your purchasing decision. This is because whichever decision you take is likely to have its own outcomes whether positive or negative.

Since we are currently focusing on custom bikes, we are going to share with you 4 important considerations you must make before purchasing a customized bike.

1 You must ensure that the modifications suit your riding style

Different riders definitely have different styles and preferences when it comes to their riding escapades. Some may enjoy a nice slow and long distance ride on the open road whereas others may enjoy the thrill of the speed with fast and short distance rides. It’s therefore a good idea to first find out whether the modifications that were done on the bike suit your riding style before you go ahead and purchase it.

2 You must ensure that its performance hasn’t been affected

A proper test ride before purchasing a modified bike is a minimum precaution you must take to ensure that the bike’s performance has not been affected by the modifications that were done on it. The reality about modifications is that not all are good especially if the work was done by someone who wasn’t an expert, they may end up making the bike worse. This may be probably why the owner wants to sell it in the first place.

3 You must get your math right

Before purchasing a bike, you should have an ideal amount that you want to spend on it. Generally, if you are buying custom, you should have done the math and ensured that the price you are getting the bike at is much lower than if you decided to do the custom work on your own. However, if you do the math and realize that it’s much cheaper to do your own custom work on another bike then you better not buy it.

4 Learn as much as possible about custom bikes

It would be a very dumb idea if you decided to buy a custom bike that you know absolutely nothing about. Before purchasing a custom bike, it’s a good idea to learn as much as possible about custom bikes so that you are better placed to ascertain the value of what you are buying. Just because a bike looks sleek, doesn’t mean it’s a good bike. What’s under the hood as well as the workmanship matters plenty.

Generally speaking, if you are new to riding, it will be a really good idea to first consult an expert before purchasing a custom bike or have one help you in the selection so that you can get a good bike that offers you the intended quality of service.

All in all, getting an already modified bike can be a really good cost saving measure on your part provided you get a really good bike that went through good quality workmanship.

3 important things you must know before customizing your bike

As we established in our previous post, custom bikes do have their own tremendous benefits. Just as a recap, we established that customization can be a really good way to invest, it’s an opportunity to be unique, it allows you to personalize your bike with features you want and most importantly, it enables you express your personality through your bike.

Well, these are indeed really great benefits however, before you embark on this task of customization, there are a couple of important things that you first need to be aware of. Therefore, in this article we are going to share with you 3 important things you must know before customizing your bike.

1 Customization doesn’t necessarily increase the value of your bike

As we have established, customization will often be done based on your own preferences and therefore the modifications that you do on your bike will either be functional or aesthetic. The reality is that aesthetic modifications are not likely to add much in terms of value and in the same breath, functional modifications will only add value if there is someone else out there who appreciates the value of the customization you have done.

Remember, this customization is based on your preference and therefore someone else may not assign the same value to your modifications as you have. This is therefore something you should be aware of especially when thinking about a potential resale.

2 Reselling a customized bike may not be a bed of roses

Whenever you embark on any customization project, you must always keep in mind that you may never be able to resell your bike. As we have mentioned above, you are customizing your bike to suit your individual preferences and this therefore means that when it comes to reselling time, it may pose a bit of a challenge getting a buyer who has similar preferences as you.

It’s therefore a good idea for you not to modify your bike too much if you intend on putting it back on the market in few short months. If you have to make modifications, do so considering what riders within your circles appreciate and will be willing to pay for.

3 Not all inputs will be valued

Customization is not an easy task and in most cases you will need to hire outside help to assist you on the project. Whereas, it’s very easy to value the parts you replace, as well as other things like the quality paint job, it may not be easy to value the labor costs. This essentially means that if you intend on reselling your bike, your cost on labor is not likely to be factored in because it will be too difficult to find an accurate value.

With this information in mind, it’s therefore a good idea for you to fully weigh your options as well as be clear in your mind on your long term plans as far as your bike is concerned. If selling it is not in the cards then you are likely to have more freedom when it comes to customization however if you intend to resell it, you need to keenly factor in the above.

Here are 4 benefits of customizing your bike

The idea of using custom bikes and custom motors is not new as it has been practiced for a couple of years now. The only difference is that as technology keeps evolving and as vehicle parts continue to become more and more interchangeable, today it’s very possible to turn your favorite ordinary ride into a high performing or simply a luxury ride. It’s all down to your preference.

In this article, we are going to take you through a couple of benefits of getting your ride customized to suit your preferences.

Here are 4 benefits of customizing your bike.

1 You get to express your personality through your bike

Generally, most bikes are usually made in mass therefore they will rarely reflect the rider’s personality. Most mass production bikes are based on a general personality which market research has shown happens to be the most popular. This therefore means that individual riders who don’t fit into that category will rarely get bikes that reflect their own individuality. This is where customization comes very much in handy. It’s very possible to purchase a new or even used bike and have it customized in your own unique personality.

2 You get to incorporate personalized features

Most mass production bikes will often only come with the most basic features because it’s both difficult and expensive for manufacturers to include features that appeal to each individual rider. However, because of the option of customization, you can be able to add any features to your bike which you feel will come in handy either as a necessity or purely for swag purposes. It all comes down to your own individual preference.

3 It’s an opportunity for you to be unique

Just in the same way you will feel awkward when you run into someone else on the streets dressed exactly like you, so will you feel when you run into some other rider with a bike that looks exactly like yours. Even though it may be a really good bike, the fact that someone else has one exactly like it usually takes the fun out of it. However, when you have a custom bike, you can be guaranteed that you and you alone have it because it’s built in your own unique image.

4 It’s a good way to invest

If you are familiar with the value of custom bikes in comparison to those that have been mass manufactured then you will know that the former has more value. The fact that you have spent additional money to improve its look and performance means that you have increased its value. This is a good investment because if you sell it, you are likely to get more money than you spent on it.

Generally speaking, the beauty about customizing a bike is that depending on your available cash, you have the option of either purchasing a new bike or a used one then doing some work on it. Both options are equally good and it’s generally down to your preference.